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"For physical training is of some value, but Godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come."
1 Timothy 4:8

NCSL is proud to support the Run to Win Outreach. RTW holds Christian sports camps where your child can have fun and learn valuable skills, all in a safe, Godly environment.


The Northwest Christian Sports League is very grateful to those who have volunteered their time and energy as Head Coaches and Managers. Being a Head Coach or a Manager is a very beneficial and fun experience. You get a chance to make a difference in the lives of some very special young people. We need God-fearing, men and women of integrity to help make this league a success. If you are interested in becoming a Head Coach or Manager or want to sign up for the current season, complete the checklist below.

Note: Help us to better organize teams with earlier registration especially if you wish to have your team back from a previous season.

The League does its best to keep the teams as even as possible so the games are more fun for the children, please remember it is first come first served in drafting players to teams. Have your players specifically request for you. If your team reaches the max amount of players, the league will not take players off to replace with someone who registers late. We are going to add players to other teams to keep the numbers balanced. If you have players that you know are going to return and you want them on your team, encourage them to register now!

Laws of the Game
Please be sure to download the latest version of the soccer laws for your division. Click here to download now.

Head Coach / Manager Checklist:
  1. Coach Forms:
    Download all of the coach forms, fill them out and submit them to the NCSL office. We keep a permanent record of all of our coaches. The Pastoral Recommendation and WSP form only once unless you are asked to update your file. The Coach Application needs to be submitted every season as it is used to keep track of what division(s) each Head Coach or Asst. Coach is coaching.

  2. Consussion Forms:
    Washington State requires that all coaches read the Concussion Information document and all parents read and sign the Concussion Waiver form before the first game/practice. You are required to notify the parents of your team and collect the signed forms for all children during or before the first practice.

  3. Practice Day:
    Time and Location: We do our best to accommodate our coaches' busy schedules. Submit (by email only) three different requests for your weekday practice day, time and location, and two for your Saturday practices (if wanted). The number of practices for each division is as follows:

    • Ages 7-8: 1 practice per week
    • Ages 9-10: 1 practices per week
    • Ages 11-12: 2 practices per week
    • Ages 13-14: 2 practices per week

    Note: Before the regular season begins, coaches have the option of an extra practice on Saturdays.

  4. Team Name:
    Each coach gets to choose the name that his or her team will go by. Submit two different options for your team's name.

  5. Roster:
    The sports league staff drafts all of the teams with your help. Send us the dream team that you would like to have this season, (e-mail only) and we will try and make it happen. The teams will be drafted while the registrations come in, so you will be able to view the team that is being built for you weeks ahead of the season. The division that the players are in is determined by how old they are as of the first game of the season.

  6. Other:
    If there is anything we need to know regarding rosters, schedules, games or anything else let us know in advance so we can serve in any way possible.
Note: Requests are honored on a first-come, first-served basis, so don't wait. Please have all correspondence submitted on or before the due date posted.

For a complete season schedule, view the Soccer Calendar

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Registration for the latest basketball season is now open. Click the link above for more information.

Basketball Fees: *
(Boys and Girls 7+)
   September - $108.00
   Oct-Dec - $128.00

Junior Basketball Fees: *
(Boys and Girls 4-6)
   September - $70.00
   Oct-Dec - $90.00

* Additional discounts may apply. Click the link below for details.

Check the season calendar for important dates and times.

Register online and pay with your debit or credit card.

Print, complete and mail or fax your registration form to the NCSL office.

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