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"For physical training is of some value, but Godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come."
1 Timothy 4:8

Frequently Asked Questions

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What equipment does my child need?

  • Basketball (required):
    4-8 boys and girls should have size 27.5 (youth or junior size).
    9-12 boys and girls should have size 28.5 (intermediate or WNSA size).
  • Basketball Shoes (required):
    This should be a pair with non-marking soles that is only used for basketball.
  • Baseball (required):
    They will need to practice catching.
  • Baseball Shoes (required):
    They should have an extra cleat at the toe. (Soccer shoes without the extra cleat can optionally be used.)
  • Mitt (required):
    They will need an appropriate size for their age. Ask at the equipment store for details.
  • Black pants (required):
    The league will provide a shirt and hat, but black pants are required to complete the uniform.
  • Cup (optional):
    For 7+ boys, this should only be worn for protection by the catcher, if desired.
  • Bat (optional):
    Some players like their own special bat. This is allowed.
  • Soccer Ball (required):
    4-6 boys and girls should have size 3
    7-10 boys and girls should have size 4
    11+ boys and girls should have size 5
  • Soccer Shoes (required):
    Soccer shoes can optionally be used for baseball as well. (Baseball shoes cannot be used for soccer, as they have an extra cleat at the front that could be dangerous if shins are kicked.)
  • Shin Guards (required):
    These are absolutely necessary. Sometimes, you can get shoes, shin guards, and a ball in the same package.
  • Water bottle (required):
    It is very important that your child does not get dehydrated.
  • Black shorts (required):
    The league will provide a shirt, but black shorts are required to complete the uniform.

How do I get my child's uniform?

  • Shirts are always provided for all sports and a hat is provided for baseball.
  • Your team mom will hand out your uniform at practice.
  • If you need to exchange for a different size, your team mom will help. It is very important that you update your child's shirt size when registering.
  • Returning uniforms:
    5-10 boys and girls can keep their shirts.
    11+ boys and girls must return their shirts.
    All baseball players can keep their hats.

What is a team mom?

The team mom plays a very important role in the team; she is the "MOM of all Moms". Please refer to the Team Mom section for more information.

All team moms are asked to attend the Team Mom Meeting. Please see the season calendar for your particular sport for the date and time.

Where can I get equipment for my child?

Try Target or Big 5 (in that order) for the best value.

For used equipment, try Play It Again Sports or the Good Will stores.

How much does registration cost?

Early registration is $70.00 for children ages 4-6 and $108.00 for children ages 7+. Normal registration is $90.00 for children ages 4-6 and $128.00 for children ages 7+. View the season calendar for specific registration dates.

Will I receive confirmation by mail when I register?

No, you will not receive a confirmation notice in the mail. When you register online, you will receive a confirmation number. Please have this number ready if you contact the office regarding your registration.

If you pay by cash or check, your child will not be placed on a team until we receive your payment.

Do you offer multiple child discounts?

Yes, we offer a 3rd child discount. You pay full price for your first and second child. Your third and all additional children are half price! Call the office for help before registering multiple children.

Do you have scholarships available?

Yes! Please visit the scholarship information page for details or to complete a Scholarship Application.

Are there any additional costs?

  • Player's Trophy, Team Mom Gift, and Coach Gift:
    This is around $12.00, depending on the division.
  • Pictures (optional):
    These are optional and prices start at around $12.00.

Do you have a fundraiser?

Yes! We sell World's Finest Chocolate during all seasons. We ask each family to sell 30 bars (1 box) for $2.00 each. As an alternative to participation in the fundraiser we offer parents the option of "opting out" for a fee of $40.00 per child. If you have question as to what the fundraisers is, please call the office at 425-743-3067.

Where are practices held and how often?

Practices are held once or twice a week and are limited to accommodate your family's busy schedule. We never schedule games, practices, or events on Sundays.

There are many different practice locations in the Snohomish County area. Use the links below to view a current list.

When are games held?

Games are typically scheduled on Saturdays. Occasionally (for various reasons), we must schedule games on weekdays.

Can my child play up to an older division if he or she is skilled?

Yes! If your child is skilled and within 1 year of the next higher division, he or she may play up. (For example, an 8 year old may play up to the 9-10 division.)

Can my child play down to a younger division if he or she is small or inexperienced?

No. Children are not permitted to play down a division based on size or experience. In cases where the child is under a doctor's care for growth deficiency or another illness that may justify the need to play down, they will be considered on an individual basis. A doctor's note will be required in all cases.

How will I know who my child's coach is?

Your coach will contact you before practices begin. Check the season calendar for your particular sport to see when practices begin. If you have not heard from a coach by the second week of practices, please contact us. Please do not contact us until that time.

If you already know who you want your coach to be, you may specify this when you register your child.

How do refunds work?

A $20.00 processing fee will be charged for all refunds issued before the first practice. After the first practice, NO REFUNDS will be issued except for medical reasons. Please view the season calendar for your particular sport to see when practices begin.

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Check the season calendar for important dates and times.

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